What is ImmersivePoints? 🧐

ImmersivePoints is a web-application for virtual reality devices to explore 3D data in the most natural way possible: virtual reality.
To view your data you need to either attach a virtual reality device attached to your PC, or a stand-alone one, such as the oculus quest.

Explore examples of virtual reality data

Card image

What a self-driving car sees with it's LiDAR scanner. This frame is taken from the AEV dataset

Card image

A brain with some information of a clustering algorithm

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The notre dame. Taken from this point scan

How can I upload my own pointclouds?

You can upload your own points here. On that page it is described in what format your data should be.
Exporting your own data is quite easy. Want to see some examples on how to export pointclouds? Take a look at:

Why was this created?

About 5 years ago I was working an algorithm to cluster 3D brain data. It was hard to know whether the topological ordering made sense. The existing tools at the time were slow and uninformative, so I learned JavaScript to use a 3D visualisation library. That year Google launched the google-cardboard which allowed me to look around in my visualisation.
Although this was impressive, you still could not move around freely. This year Facebook launched the Oculus Quest, which is an untethered virtual reality headset! I bought it and adjusted my old code to finally be able to walk around in the data like I wanted 5 years ago!
After a lot of positive feedback from others I also made an upload function, so you can look at your own data as well. Enjoy!

More information:

In case you have any questions, my e-mail addres is: rolandmeertens@gmail.com