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All binary files are expected to be in float32.
The binary file is expected to be in float32, and consist of XYZH values, or XYZRGB values
X, Y, and Z are floating point numbers in any range, but it's wise to position them around the point of origin of the virtual reality environment.
The H-value signifies the hue of that point, which should be between 0.0 and 1.0 according to this specification. Note that saturation and lightness are currently always set to 1.0. This means your file exists of the following columns:
X (forwards) float32
Y (upwards) float32
Z (left) float32
Hue (between 0 and 1) float32
For the colour version:
X (forwards) float32
Y (upwards) float32
Z (left) float32
Red (between 0 and 1) float32
Green (between 0 and 1) float32
Blue (between 0 and 1) float32
Bounding boxes can't be uploaded right now, but when you can they will have the following format:
Center X (forwards) float32
Center Y (upwards) float32
Center Z (left) float32
Size X float32
Size Y float32
Size Z float32
Rotation around X float32
Rotation around Y float32
Rotation around Z float32
Red (between 0 and 1) float32
Green (between 0 and 1) float32
Blue (between 0 and 1) float32
Opacity (between 0 and 1) float32

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